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Teen Reality

These days, many parents feel overwhelmed by the sexual and social pressures they know are facing their children. Some parents also feel at a loss as to what, exactly, all those pressures are. The quick-time videos below provide a glimpse into the realities of teens’ every day lives. These films were produced by teens for teens through Scenarios USA, a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire teens to make healthier and safer decisions by offering them a creative approach to thinking through and discussing their lives, their choices, and their future. These films address such issues as communication, relationships, decision making, unintended pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, body image, sexual identity, and many others. You may wish to watch them alone or with your child — they are great conversation starters to find out what’s going on in the life of your teen.

All Falls Down
Three best girlfriends meet a group of boys on their daily commute. Relationships form, decisions are made, and each person is challenged to figure out who she is and what she wants from a relationship.
From an Objective Point of View
Two best friends decide they won't have sex without consulting each other first. But will they stick to their promise?
Emily's a lot like her high school friends, but she steps out from the pack when she introduces them to her girlfriend.
Nightmare on AIDS Street
While waiting in the hospital for an HIV test, Isabel starts to have flashbacks of the fuzzy details from the previous night, which she can barely remember.
He Said, She Said
Rosario Dawson and David Waugh star in this short film about a teenage boy buying condoms for the first time.
Don't Dance with Death
On their way to a big dance, four girls from a town in South Texas prepare for a big night with their boyfriends.
The Monster
Three boys chat up the new girl on the block. Which one will she pick? A glimpse into the world of guys.